All Call of Duty League Matches in 2020 Will Be Organized Only Online

Call of Duty League

American video game company Activision Blizzard, canceling Overwatch League matches due to the global epidemic, coronavirus COVID-19, announced that this time all Call of Duty League events planned for 2020 will only be playing online.

The COVID-19 or coronavirus epidemic, known as COVID-19, which has spread to more than 120 countries and caused more than 4,700 people to die, continues to give the world a nightmare. The fatal epidemic, the effect of which is expected to break with the increase of the temperatures. It also deeply affects the gaming industry, such as cinema, sports, transportation, and the economy.

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In fact, many large events such as Game Developers Conference 2020, PAX East and E3 2020 have been canceled due to the growing coronavirus cases. Activision Blizzard, one of the world’s largest video game developers and publishers, has taken a crucial step to prevent further spread of the outbreak.

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Call of Duty League Online

The American company, which has recently canceled Overwatch League matches, has announced that this time all Call of Duty (CoD) League games in 2020 will be held online only. Activision Blizzard stated that the decision was taken as a result of the negotiations with the relevant authorities and that they continue to follow the developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak closely.

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Call of Duty League organizes tournament-style events hosted by participating teams across the country. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to take such a step to ensure the safety of both the players and the audience. The good news is that all online competitions in the CoD League will be streamed live. There will be those who remember; The company recently collaborated with YouTube and announced the platform as a private broadcast partner. Hoping to return to the audience-based model as soon as possible, Activision Blizzard awaits good news from health authorities.

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