All Important Game Events Affected by Corona Virus

Game Events canceled

While the panic caused by the Corona virus epidemic continues, the game companies explain that they are withdrawn from major game events worldwide. Many events were either canceled or postponed.

The deadly Corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic, which originated in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China, has spread to the whole world and has caused the death of 3,411 people so far, while the game industry was also affected by the epidemic. All major gaming events were either canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 concern.

Game companies make such a decision to protect their employees from the epidemic, while players are upset about it. Here is the list of game events that were canceled or postponed due to the Corona virus outbreak.

1-Taipei Game Show (6/9 February)

Taipei Game Show

The organizers of the Taipei Game Show announced on January 31st that they had postponed the event to an uncertain date, although they announced that they would provide fire measurement and mask services to the participants. The regulators reported their grief due to the committee’s postponement decision and cited the epidemic of the Corona virus as a reason.

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2-PAX East (February 27 / March 1)

PAX East

Sony announced on February 19 that it would not join PAX East. The events to be organized by Sony included the first public experience of The Last of Us Part 2. Capcom also announced on February 20 that its developers will not participate in Monster Hunter Festa under PAX East.

Square Enix explained that the participation in the event was decreasing and that no Japanese employee would attend. The developer and fan session of Final Fantasy has also been canceled, but other events of Square Enix have been held as planned. On February 23, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh asked Sony to review his decision not to join PAX East.

On February 26, PUBG Corp. announced that he would not attend the event. The developer of Sky: Children of the Light and Journey, ThatGameCompany also announced that it will not participate in the event due to the Corona virus outbreak.

3-South by Southwest (March 13/22)


Held in Austin, Texas and known as both a game and movie event, South by Southwest has announced that despite the epidemic, the event will be held as planned. However, on March 2, Facebook and Twitter announced that he withdrew from the event. Both companies suspended their employees’ unnecessary travel.

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Remedy also withdrew from the event on March 3. That same day, Amazon Studios announced that it has canceled all of its activities at the event. On March 4, Apple withdrew from the event. The next day, Netflix and WarnerMedia announced that they would not participate in the event.

4-Game Developers Conference (GDC) (16/20 March)


On February 20, PlayStation and Facebook Oculus announced that they canceled all activities at the event. The organizers of the event said that a successful event was planned with the measures to be taken on the same day, but Kojima Productions announced on February 24 that it withdrew from the conference. The next day, EA announced that it would not join GDC.

On February 27, Unity announced that they had given up participating in the event at Microsoft Game Stack and Epic Games. The same day, Iron Galaxy Studios also withdrew from the event. The next day, news of withdrawal came from Amazon. That same day, Activision Blizzard announced that he had ceased to attend the conference. Finally, on February 28, GDC organizers announced that the event was canceled, but they hope to hold the conference later this summer.

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5-EVE Fanfest (2/4 April)

EVE Fanfest

Icelandic developer CCP announced on February 28 that Reykjavik-based EVE Fanfest has been canceled.

6-TwitchCon Amsterdam (2/3 May)


On March 6, Twitch made a statement that the Amsterdam event was canceled and announced that ticket buyers will be contacted for a refund.

7-F8 Conference (May 5/6)


On February 27, Facebook canceled its own conference for developers.

8-E3 (June 9/11)


E3’s organizer, ESA, said the event planning is in full swing. ESA stated that the health and safety of everyone participating in the fair will be of primary importance for them.

9-Gamescom (August 25/29)

Image result for Gamescom

Gamescom’s organizers said preparations for the event are ongoing. However, three sessions were postponed in the hall where this event was planned to be held.


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