Atiye The Gift Cast

Atiye The Gift Cast
Atiye The Gift Cast

We reviewed at the Atiye (the Gift) series for you, and the audience watching the series wondered about the cast of the Atiye (the Gift) series. That’s the cast of the Atiye (the Gift) series.

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Atiye, with her family and lover Ozan, leads a simple and happy life in Istanbul until her life changes with a discovery made in Göbeklitepe, the world’s oldest temple. The archaeologist Erhan, who carries out excavations in the region, discovers a symbol that reveals the mystical relationship between Atiye and Göbeklitepe. Atiye chases after this mysterious event that opens her a different door. She decides to look for her own past in the ancient temple. As this mystery is revealed, Atiye will question everything between the past and the future, between the true and the spiritual

Written by ahmetkozan

Atiye The Gift Review from Audience

I didn’t keep my expectations very high after the series Hakan: Muhafiz. I ran into a series above my expectations. Although some of the scenes were ridiculous, I found the series successful in general. At least the dialogues were not like translation. The acting was not similarly bad. The use of visual effects was more successful. I watched it and never got bored. Atiye has been a series above country standards.

One of Hakan: Muhafiz positive sides was the steps it took to promote Istanbul well. Atiye does the same for Göbeklitepe and Nemrut. If we look at the script in general, let’s not use the word cliche, but I can say classic. But the places used in the series were good. Instead of creating a special universe for itself, the story takes place in today’s modern Istanbul. Later, the inclusion of Göbeklitepe and Nemrut adds a mystical feeling to the story. Each series has a color. The selection of light cold and pastel colors was very pleasant. The music selection of the series was also good. Tense music in the tension scenes and the fact that Eastern melodies appear in the background during Göbeklitepe images further connects the viewer to the screen. One of the things I liked about the series was the importance to detail.

Of course, the characters had good and bad sides. The bad character image of Serdar was not as good as I wanted. I found it a bit simple and artificial. Hannah was obvious, too. Some things to improve the mystery of the season seemed a bit unnecessary. There were a few scenes I found extremely bad, but I want to forget them. That’s why I won’t mention it. It was inadequate for me that the answers of some mysteries were left to the next season and were not explained. I wish the first scene was answered in the season finale, but it didn’t. For instance, it would be nice to see what Atiye’s powers were. First season was like preparing for the new season. I hope the unexplained things in the next season are explained with a good script. We’il see it next season.

Written by ahmetkozan

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