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Atiye(the Gift), a successful painter, does not know why or what she means for her, but consistently only takes a picture of the same symbol. She also has a passionate relationship with her boyfriend, Ozan (Metin Akdulger), who is about to marry, and has an orderly and local life, with the exception of her life, the occasional censorship and just some sounds she hears. Her sister, Cansu (Melisa Senolsun), is the family’s mad character, while Atiye is a big sister who knows what she wants and is more mature. However, the intersection of Erhan’s roads refused to see and hear him.

Although she suggests her family and loved ones, especially her mother, have psychological problems, Atiye doesn’t lose the connection to her audience with the mystical weather she created and the secrets she had. Although he is a strong character that can stand on his feet, he still sees unrealistic censorship, hysteric reactions and the fact that he can solve this uncertainty under the guidance of a male character, undermine Atiye’s power and haunts the character. But Atiye is in control of his position, which is generally preferred to act in line with his own decisions and has a strong standing, and the mysterious link between Atiye and Gobekli Tepe remains interesting as he progresses to the story.

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Atiye (the Gift) : Review of the first 3 sections

In the first three sections, the series of Ozan Avulnerability (Between Family and Annemin’s Wounds), which sits in the director’s seat, always leaves her curiosity by choosing to give her the clues for the secrets of this unexpected relationship, which she initially set up and built her influence step-by-step. This ensures that the dragline and speed of cinematography, which in general may be a dark one, remains engulfling and engrossing. At the same time, the frequency of turns in his story always keeps his pace high, drawing his audience into his world, despite the habit of playing with space and time.

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Rather than creating a private universe, the story takes place in modern Istanbul today, which increases the ability to connect with the characters that come alive with the outstanding performances of Beren Clock and Mehmet Günsür in particular. However, the family’s relations with secrets in this high economic class make the story of the mystical and mysterious atmosphere of Gembeli Hill ordinary.

Atiye(the Gift)

Atiye(the Gift) :Finally

The first three parts of the series are often concentrated on Göbeklitepe’s mystery and the Atiye and Erhan characters. But the story has repeatedly highlighted the secrets Atiye’s family may be hiding, and signals that all the mystery can be related to this family. In my opinion, the evolution of the story in such a direction, given that we can predict this even in the first three chapters, would be an easy and climatic decision to foresee.

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Therefore, I hope that in the future of the series, rather than the dramatic moments of family secrets, Gobetepe will seek to explain the mystical bond to his secrets and this ordinary painter in order to maintain his dragmatist. The series, which I watch the top three in a beat, is able to keep the viewer’s curiosity alive by slowly giving clues about the big question they’ve come up with. However, there is also a danger of being tiring if he does not feed his attitude with other stories and often repeats himself. In the future, decisions on its route are crucial to keeping the draggy and the pace it has achieved in the first three sections, given the possibility of losing the mysterious and mystical atmosphere of the series, which is not generally in extraordinary moves, and also the drama of family issues.

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