Black Sails Cast

Black-sails cast

The year is 1715. The golden year of piracy in the Caribbean. The British colonial New Providence island is now under the control of notorious pirates and has turned into a complete unlawful terror environment. Captain Flint is the most famous and fearful of pirates here.

But now the British navy decides to return to these waters years later, and they intend to clear the pirates from here. Captain Flint has no intention of this, of course. He will start a great struggle for this, try to protect the empire, struggle with rival captains on the one hand, and struggle with his deep, complex and even romantic inner world.

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Let’s Get to Know The Black Sails Cast

Toby Stephens and Luke Arnold in Black Sails (2014)

 Captain Flint

Captain Flint, the smelly pirate of the Golden Age, has an excellent temper and breathtaking tendency under his charismatic appearance. The character is played by Toby Stephens.

 Eleanor Guthrie  Black Sails

Eleanor Guthrie

The beautiful and determined daughter of Richard Guthrie, the wealthiest black marketer in the Bahamas, conducts her father’s business. Eleanor, who runs the tavern in the city, is in close contact with the pirates—portrayed by Hannah New. He engages in dangerous cooperation with Captain Flint.

Silver  Black Sails

 John Silver

John Silver is someone who continually agitates and clashes with Flint because he accepts Flint’s ship but hates authority. John Silver, who will also be familiar with those who read Treasure Island, has to get along well with Flint because of some collaborative efforts—portrayed by Luke Arnold.

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Black Sails   Max


Max works as a prostitute in Elenaour’s place. Seductive, cunning, and calm, Max sees Elenaour as a soul mate, a lover, and perhaps a savior. But when there is a conflict in their wishes, they are disrupted. Jessica Parker Kennedy plays it.

Billy Bones Black Sails

Billy Bones

Billy Bones, who will also know those who read Treasure Island, is a young and promising pirate here. Having an essential place in Flint’s plans, Billy will come to the point of making concessions from his own right within the framework of these plans. Tom Hopper played him.

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Captain Charles Vane  Black Sails

Captain Charles Vane

Captain Charles Vane is the most famous pirate of the time after Flint. He is renowned for his success and anger in making money. Zach McGowen plays him.

Rackham Black Sails


Rackham is the co-owner of Charles Vane’s ship Ranger, Vane’s advisor, and in some ways more dangerous than him. Toby Schmitz portrays him.

Anne Bonny Black Sails

Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny is a beautiful but cool, lover of Rackham and Vane’s psychopathic butler. Portrayed by Clara Paget.

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