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Is that series Dark or Darkhole? Actually, I don’t know what it is. It has dragged me to different worlds and questions. It isn’t just a series, It is also philosophy, science and fiction. Let’s review Dark!

Dark Jonas Review

Dark? I’ve Never Heard Before

Oh My Dear Lord! Really? You haven’t heard that? Okay, no problem. I’ll tell you everything. We will review Dark. Dark is a German SCI-FI series on Netflix. Jantje Friese is created the scenario and Baran bo Odar directed it. Series’ language is German. The series was filmed in Berlin. That’s enough for technical information.

We start with the story of a man, who live in a small town in Germany, kill himself. And he leaves a letter that he would like to open at a later date. The mystery in the series starts here and never ends again. Variety of characters, gloomy, tension and mystery can make you confuse and like that time you can use that schema:

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Dark Family Tree

The main of the story based on 4 families and 3 generations. Past, present, future into the right now. It is a little bit hard, I accept.

And then your brain can get burned when this mess enters the time paradox in.The series resembles Stranger Things in science fiction, and Lost in compelxity. But Dark has a fiction which based on science.

Dark Review: Spoiler Alert!

There is a time paradox.A time tunnel opens as a result of an explosion at the nuclear power plant. This creates a loop with that time tunnel. There is a time trip between 1953, 1986 and 2019 and 2052. In a word, in every 33 years.  In every 33 years, some children lost, strange events lived and there are recurring events.There is more.. Once every 33 years, the location of the Sun, earth, planets and stars is exactly the same.

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One point that negative is this: In the begin the story continues slowly you might be impatient, but if you be patient you will really enjoy. Because then it is really escapist.

The scenario is like that. I pass the others now. The acting is almost perfect, never disturb, pretty normal. There are young actors, but notwithstanding, it is really good.

Music Oh my god! Starting credits is really good and favorable the series’ subject. I think the thing that scare us is musics. I guess, they are elected so carefully. Musics elected is so successful because they make you nervous, tensed up.

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