Deadpool Weapons Coming to Fortnite

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Fortnite, one of the most popular examples of the Battle Royale genre, comes with two brand-new weapons. According to information revealed by data mining, one of these weapons will be Deadpool’s weapon.

Two new weapon types that will take place in Fortnite, one of the most known games of the Battle Royale genre, which has been at the peak of its popularity in recent years, have been discovered. Weapons that have not yet been made available to players have been discovered in the files of the game by data miners.

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One of the new weapons to be added to the game is an ordinary weapon, while the other is a weapon that will excite Fortnite players. The new weapon uncovered by data miners is the Deadpool weapon.

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Deadpool Weapon to Fortnite

The person who reveals the new weapon information is a Twitter account called “spedicey1“. The account, which managed to reveal quite remarkable information with its data mining, pulled out new weapons to be added to Fortnite. Two new weapons that Spedicey1 uncovered are MistyBop and Deadpool’s Dual Pistol, which are thought to be the code name of the weapons.

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Weapons and their names are not the only information revealed by the user. In addition, information about the features of the weapons was revealed. It is among the information that the deadpool’s weapon was 43 at close range, 36.55 at mid range and 32.25 at long range. In addition, it is seen that the gun is 2.7 seconds for magazine filling.

The damage power of the weapon, called MistyBop, appears to be 50, where no range is specified. It seems that the magazine’s reload time is 5 seconds, which is a relatively long time. It is worth remembering that although the information obtained through data mining is reliable, not all this information is officially disclosed.

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