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One Name: Zendaya

Yes, Zendaya is a major reason to watch this series.Euphoria, Zendaya’s first series project which has no connection with Disney,, is also a bold job, with the addition of Rue, the most distinctive character she has ever played.If we need to give a clue about her acting performance in the series,we can say that we are emphasizing that it’s not bad at all, leaving the rest to your decision after you watch it.

Excellent Cinematography

One of Euphoria’s most attractive sides is indeed good direction. Even if the subject or characters of the series don’t affect you, you will be impressed by good shots of the series, color and light usage, and items such as assembly.I think that HBO, which won our confidence vote by putting series above a certain quality, has contributed to this point, which is really good for a typical youth job on your screen.The series especially can show you Rue’s moods and experiences.We witness such moments that the character’s influence on anxiety, depression and the mind of her drug-influenced body can be clearly observed.This allows you to empathize and integrate with the story by making you feel like the character has taken refuge in drugs to escape from the seisort depression or ancyanoma.

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The Characters Who Have Deapth

Some of the problems we face most in the series we watch are the lack of key character development and single-dimensional side characters.What Euphoria does well is that even the character we see at least feels much more than we’ve seen, the main characters convey the reasons for their actions and the background trauma, and make a sympathy for you against even the worst character.Most importantly, when I do these things, it only makes people humanize, rather than angels or demons the characters in a single scene.Because at some point, the series makes you feel the higher the characters fall and the more broken. Of course, it doesn’t always say giant dramas,but it makes sure you understand how humans personality is shaped.

A Realistic, Life-Like Story

Some youth series have the biggest problem is create a completely disjointed world from real life. We can assure you that Euphoria is not the case.It was a much talked-about topic during the publication of the show, which is very similar to the young life in America.Besides these, adolescence is similar everywhere in the world, I believe you can find something small in your overall reach in the series.We can also observe that in the series reactions, parents often find the series overly, but people who comment on social media at their children or younger age are horrified, saying how true the index is.

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Enchanting Makeup And Costumes

If you’re doing a visual job, of course hair, makeup and costume are becoming an important part of the job. It’s also normal to expect that things are already at a certain level, but unlike movies, we don’t always see very attentive and different things in the series.In today’s youth series, especially Euphoria, the views are not so much of a way that we can distinguish from everyday life.As an example, we can provide the 13 reason Why series, the job where the series is most compared.Euphoriais an esthetic work, as we have mentioned from the beginning of summer, and it strives to create something that appeals to you from the lights it uses to the angles of the camera, from the makeup to the costume.Seeing this attentive work that reflects the personality of the characters is also a really nice side of the show.

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Proper LGBTQ Representative

Hunter Schafer is one of Euphoria’s finest details, where polemixes are experienced as heterosexual players play trans characters.We observe the treatment of a trans-individual in society through the character of Hunter, who acts as Jules, a trans-woman like herself.On the other hand, we are seeing Jules, who has had to enjoy the sincere men because she has been transformed into a woman by fighting, and she also has discovered she enjoys women.In addition, the series includes elements that show you how
the way they express inter-generation sexual identity differs from the way they change and develop their society.

She hated her life, not because it was bad, but because when you hate your brain and your body, it’s hard to enjoy the rest.

— Rue ” Zendaya “, Euphoria, Season 1: Shook One Pt. II

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