First Season review of Amazon’s Fantastic series: Carnival Row

Recently, the first season of Amazon’s new fantasy series, Carnival Row, was released.The first season of the series is about 55-65 minutes each part, with 8 parts.
The series has already received 2.season approval.

Jon Amiel directed this fantastic show, which created by Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham. Guillermo del Toro also directing the pilot part of the series.

The series’s leading players, Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevinge, are accompanied by many names, including Waj Ali, Leanne Best, Maeve Dermody, Arty Froushan, Jamie Harris, Jared Harris, Tamzin Merchant, Scott Reid, Anna Rust, Indira Varma and Tracey Wilkinson.


Let’s talk about its topic. First of all, I would like to point out that the series
went through the Viktoria Era.The two countries, Pact and Burgue, are fighting to conquer fairy land. Burgue is losing the battle and pact conquer to fairy land.The Pact administration starts to hurt the fairies here.

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And we see this anecdote while the series start.

“For ages, the homeland of the Fae was a place of myth and legend. Until the many empires of man arrived and warred for control of its riches. Seven years ago, this great war ended when The Republic of the Burgue withdrew, abandoning the Fae to the iron fist of their rivals, The Pact. Now the Fae’s homeland is the hell from which they yearn to escape.”

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Fairies who’re trying to escape the Pact administration to work for a certain time, are starting to enter Burgue illegally. We first see Cara’s character, Vignette Stonemoss, here.Vignette is a fairy who opposes management and therefore leaves the fairy Land.

There are also many other mythological living creatures in Burgue except people, but of course these entities are considered second, third-class citizens.

The main topic of the series starts here.fairies are often killed in the same way, where Detective Rycroft Philostrate, a character played by Orlando, is on stage and is starting to investigate these series of murders.

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And of course, two main characters, Rycroft and Vignette, have a partner, both in the pre-ranks of the war, and get closer between them during wartime.So I leave the flow of information here
to not give any spoiler.

The locations used in the series, the clothing, the atmosphere created in the series, was really successful. Orlando Bloom seems to have really adopt his character. If you like fantastic productions you should give it a chance.

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