First Trailer From Animated Film Rumble

Paramount Animation shared the first trailer of the highly anticipated animated movie Rumble. The movie, where Hamish Grieve sits in the director’s chair, takes place in a world where giant monsters fight each other as professional athletes.

rumble animated movie

Hamish Grieve, who has been an animator of popular productions such as Shrek series, Monster vs Aliens and Rise Guardians, is getting ready to appear with his first feature film, Rumble. Paramount Animation has released the first trailer of Rumble, the new animated movie he has been working on for a long time.

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The film tells the story of Winnie, who wants to be a successful wrestling trainer like his father in a world where giant monsters fight each other as professional athletes.Steve, a gigantic and inexperienced monster that will meet Winnie, comes to life with the voice of Will Arnett. Geraldine Viswanathan voices Winnie. Ben Schwartz, Terry Crews, Jimmy Tatro and Fred Melamed are other names in the film’s original voice cast.


Rumble, which is signed by Paramount Animation, does not look as impressive as the animations of Disney-Pixar, one of the studio’s biggest competitors, but is considering to appeal to adults with its popular cultural humor.

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The fantastic animation Rumble, directed by Hamish Grieve and written by Etan Cohen and Matt Lieberman, will meet with the audience on January 29, 2021. You have a pretty long time to see the movie.

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