HBO Max Officially Announces the Release of Friends Special Episode

friends special episode

HBO Max, the online broadcasting platform that HBO will launch in May, has announced that the Friends team will appear on camera for a special episode. All six main players of the team will take part in the special program.

There was good news about sitcom Friends, which lasted 10 seasons and left a large fan base behind. HBO Max, the online streaming platform that will be available to users in May, announced that after 16 years, all the stars of the series will come together for the Friends special section.

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‘Friends’ reunion special slated for HBO Max | The Star

The special episode, starring David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry, will air on HBO Max. Kevin Reilly, main content editor of HBO Max, announced that all the Friends episodes will be on the platform as well as the special episode. Today, when real-time shows can also be held, Reilly said that new content will capture the spirit of time, bringing both old and new Friends fans together.

Friends oyuncuları, HBO Max'ta yayımlanacak özel bölüm ...

Friends Special Episode will be shot by Warner Bros

It is noted that the program, which will be broadcast on HBO Max, will be a special episode that has not been previously written, and that all six players will meet at ‘Stage 24’ in Warner Bros studios in California, where Friends are filmed.

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The rumors that the stars of Friends will be reunited, along with Jennifer Aniston’s selfie she shared in her Instagram account last October, came up.

Jennifer Aniston's friends selfie

There has been a partial reunification in 2016; Cox, Aniston, Kudrow, Schwimmer and LeBlanc met at NBC. The absence of Perry in this program means that the special program in HBO Max will be the first true and full reunification.

It is stated that the new special episode, which Warner Bros produced, will take around 1 hour. Players are claimed to charge a fee of $ 3 to $ 4 million for the private episode.

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