House of the Dragon News: House of the Dragon will arrive in 2022 at the earliest


Game of Thrones side series House of the Dragon is available to see in 2022 at the earliest. The series will explain the history of the Targaryen is still in the scenario stage. House of The Dragon News:

Game of Thrones marked off his eight-season adventure in 2019. Despite the final season being discussed, HBO is not willing to leave the epic fantasy world of the Throne Games. Work is under way on sub-series that share the same universe with GOT. The House of the Dragon series, focusing on the history of the Targaryen Dynasty, is one of them.

Casey Bloys, HBO’s programming manager, shared a “most likely” estimate of the release date of the new Game of Thrones series at the Television Critics Association night. According to Bloys, the earliest date we can see House of the Dragon is 2022.

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At this stage, the HBO official is not able to give a more specific date. The sequence’s shooting schedule is also not clear. By George R.R. Developed by Martin and Ryan Condal (Rampage, Colony), the House of the Dragon series is based on Martin’s Fire and Blood book. The book is the 300-year-old story of the Targaryen Dynasty.

Game Of Thrones Series which is goning to explain the history of white walkers was canceled.

As you would remember, the other Throne Games spin-off, long called the Long Night, was canceled after the pilot. This series, aimed at telling the story of the birth of the white walkers, included Naomi Watts in its roster.

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In the Long Night, which is set to focus 8,000 years before the events we saw in the Throne Games series, Westeros’ more-than-hundred kingdoms, Stark Family and white walkers were to focus.

Regarding the Long Night, which was canceled by the channel after the pilot session was taken, HBO official Bloys said, “that’s exactly why it’s been canceled, there’s nothing I can say about.”

This news is different, House of the dragon has more advantage because of Martin’s book.

Bloys, one of the series’s creators, Jane Goldman and George R.R. Martin added that his world is fighting for its construction.

Bloys also underlined that the canceled series went 8,000 years before the Throne Games, so there are more things they need to “invent”. House of the Dragon’s biggest increase, according to the canceled Long Night, is in the Blood and Fire book. Martin’s Blood and Fire book is a good road map for them, HBO official said Goldman was successful under the project.

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The new series will be release in the new digital platform of Warner Media, HBO Max. The first season of construction is expected to be 10 chapters.

From the 5 possible Game of Thrones sub-series, we will look forward to 2022 years for the House of the Dragon, which has been the only production in place for the time being.

What are your expectations of this sub-series? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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