Images from Riot’s First FPS Game: Valorant


IGN has released images that allegedly belong to Project A, the first FPS tactical game of Riot Games, which we know with the League of Legends game. Project A will be referred to as Valorant from now on.

The first screenshots for the tactical / war game played from Riot Games’ new first-person shooter may have come. IGN, seen as one of the important and reliable news sources, shared the first screenshots of the game.

The resolution in the first images is a bit low. This does not give much idea about the graphics quality of the game at the moment. Moreover, the game is currently in the early development stage, as such changes will be made.

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Riot’s First FPS Game: Valorant

Riot's First FPS Game: Valorant

The game, previously known as Project A, is said to be named Valorant from now on. The game will be a very competitive war game. It is stated that there will be many characters in the game that will pass in the earth.

Riot Games states to its users that it will support Project A just as it supports the League of Legends game. The team is also planning a tactical shooting game that allows more creativity.

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Valorant is shown as a full game that players will enjoy. Also, cheating systems will be implemented in the game from the first day of play. This shows that Riot is very serious.

Valorant’s Graphics Didn’t affect Gamers


It is hard to say that these images, which are stated to belong to Riot’s play, created the expected excitement. In general, the aesthetic language of the game has been a little ordinary and the game is quite reminiscent of the games we have seen before. It feels like playing Overwatch with Counter Strike graphics.

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HenryG, one of the names known in the CS: GO community, has also tried and shared his experience with the game. In addition, content containing information about different characters related to the game was shared, but there was no confirmation from Riot.

It seems that new characters, new maps and new modes will be added to the game in the future. Characters and maps will change as the game’s development process progresses. Maybe we can learn more about the subject and world of the game in the near future.


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