Netflix Announces Broadcasting Quality Due to Corona-Virus

Netflix quality problem

A new step came from Netflix these days when the coronavirus spread to Europe after everyone’s house was closed. The company has announced that it has reduced its broadcast quality for one month to maintain internet stability.

Yesterday, there were claims that Netflix would pull broadcast quality to SD quality due to coronavirus. The interest on the internet has increased during these periods when citizens of many countries, including our country, have closed their homes due to coronavirus. When this is the case, many more people enter platforms like Netflix.

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netflix ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Millions of people who spend time watching high-resolution movies from Netflix can overload the internet networks and cause some problems in communication. This brings responsibility to platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, where the internet is used extensively. Netflix, which has achieved a 50 percent increase in traffic following the coronavirus-induced quarantine processes, announced that it will reduce broadcasting quality by 25 percent throughout Europe.

Speaking to The Verge, the Netflix spokesperson said, “We have decided to drop bits for 30 days across Europe. We estimate that this decision will reduce traffic on European networks by 25 percent. In addition, we will continue to provide high-quality service to all our users.”

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The European Union Wanted

In fact, this decision is not a decision made by Netflix alone. In an interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings yesterday, European Union Internal Market and Services Representative Thierry Breton asked Netflix to lower the video quality to maintain internet stability while coronavirus crises continue. Apart from Netflix, Breton also asked platforms like YouTube to lower their video quality for a certain period of time.


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