Pandemic Netflix: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Pandemic Netflix: How to Prevent an Outbreak

A series of pandemic 6 episodes of Netflix documentaries . Considering what’s happening in China and around the world with the Coronavirus this is a fascinating look at the steps being taken globally to prepare for the next pandemic before it hits .

Pandemic Netflix: How to prevent an outbreak has been a clear documentary that shows how infectious diseases emerge, how they spread, what measures have been taken, vaccinations and the public’s reaction to vaccinations, which is a fluid documentary that provides information on the same subject from different viewpoints around the world. I would encourage people to watch this as a new virus comes into the spotlight, but also to be aware of it.

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Pandemic Netflix

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This is a documentary about how different organizations are trying to prevent an Influenza outbreak. I agree that there is a lot about politics but that’s because this documentary is trying to illustrate just how much power that politics and/or can have on the global medical platform.

There are no frills or fanciful embellishments. This is not a documentary about the survivors’ guide to a virus pandemic; it is a documentary that deals with the real work that these incredible people are doing to keep the world healthy. It shows the dedication and sacrifices that doctors, nurses, politicians, scientists, emergency aid workers and volunteers are making to save even just one person. I think it’s a pretty awesome documentary; I have learnt a lot through it and that’s the main reason for documentaries.


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