Do You Want to Make Learning Enjoyable? Play Kahoot !

Play Kahoot

Play Kahoot to learn! Kahoot is an application that makes quiz enjoyable and facilitates the measurement and evaluation process for teachers. You can use this app not only when preparing multiple-choice exams, but also when mixing mixed phrases, words, starting a discussion about any topic, or developing a survey. The feature that distinguishes Kahoot from Plickers is that students can join the game online by connecting from their phones without the need for any registered class.


How to Play Kahoot in the Classroom?

Play Kahoot to teach! To use the Kahoot application in the classroom, a few simple steps should be followed. First of all, an account should be created by entering the website, and the “create” button should be clicked. Just as you want to prepare an exam, that part should be selected. While creating a quiz, options such as title, where to apply, language should be filled in the first page, and the “ok, go” button should be pressed in the upper right corner. When moving on to the entering questions section, questions and answers should be written in order, and the duration of each question should be determined according to the degree of difficulty.

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If desired, pictures or videos can be added to the questions. After adding enough question s, it should be saved by clicking the “save” button in the upper right corner. At this point, four different options are offered: “Edit it, Preview it, Play it, Share it” for the test prepared on the screen. You can enter your own game simultaneously from a phone simulation on the screen by clicking “Preview it”. In this way, you can refer to the “Edit it” option to edit any unnoticed errors and overlooked points. When all steps are completed, “I’m done” option should be pressed in the upper right corner.

How to Use Kahoot in the Classroom?

In order to play the game you prepared as a classic model in the classroom, you must make sure that all your students have a mobile phone. If some students do not have phones, this obstacle can be overcome by choosing “team mode” so that several students can join the game from the same phone.

Play Kahoot For Fun!

Students will reach the game screen when they prepare their phones and enter “” into their browsers and enter the first website. Meanwhile, the teacher should log in to the “” site from the smartboard or projection and start the game he prepared by clicking kahoots / my kahoots from the above options. As mentioned above, “classic” or “team mode” should be selected according to the number of phones in the students. After this selection, a PIN code will appear on the screen; students must enter it on their phone and then write a “nickname” for them. The name of each student participating in the game will appear on the screen. The teacher should start the game via the “start” button when he is sure that everyone is involved. Responding is as important as knowing right in the game. At the end of each question, the names of the five highest-rated people are listed, and at the end of the game, the first three are displayed on the screen.

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When you have completed your entertaining event, you can take a look at the “Reports” section where the answers given in this event are recorded, and statistics are kept.

play kahoot

What you can do with Kahoot ?

  • With Kahoot, you can also assign homework to students through “google classroom.” To do this, all you have to do is click on the “challange” button next to the tests and select your class.
  • If the game is played frequently, it will be more useful for students to download the Kahoot application on their phones because they will be able to easily participate in the game and access online homework sent by the teacher.
  • If the names that appear on the screen are inappropriate, they can be deleted by clicking on them, or random names can be given to each student, provided that they are preset.
  • If the prepared “kahoot” will be applied as an exam; You should make sure that students do not see each other’s phones and ask them to write their names/surname or number as “nickname” to avoid any confusion while keeping their individual reports.
  • As long as you share it publicly, your students can play the tests that you prepare again and again to practice.
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