Ragnarok When Is The 2.Season Release Date?

The highly anticipated Ragnarok 1. The season is live on Netflix with all the episodes. The audience finished Ragnarok’s first season That’s Ragnarok 2. what we know about the season.

Ragnarok Trailer

Netflix’s new Norwegian mini-series, Ragnarok, focuses on residents of a fictional Norwegian town called Edda. The climate conditions faced by a young man who moved to the town in the series, which combined the problems caused by climate change and Scandinavian mythology, are actually a foreshadow of a much bigger disaster. Climatic disasters are driving the world into disasters step by step, discovering a group of young supernatural forces in the town. The main theme of the series is the Marvel film “Thor: Ragnarok is also the foundation of Ragnarok.

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Adam Price (‘Borgen’), Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen (‘Antichrist’), Stine Meldgaard Madsen (‘Pros and Cons’) and Emilie Lebech Kaae (‘Room Omvendt’) directed the series by Mogens Hagedorn (‘timetrip – the Curse of the Vikitch’).

Ragnarok Cast: Who Is Playing?

Ragnarok Cast
Ragnarok Cast

David Stakson, with Magen Seier character, is in the lead role of the series, which features many of the players we know from another famous Norwegian series Skam. Stakson is accompanied by Herman Tømmeraas (‘Semester’) as Fjor Jutul, Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (‘November’) as Fjor’s sister Saxa.

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Ragnarok: What Is It Story?

Ragnarok Story

A Norwegian town, poisoned by pollution and melted by climate change, feels like the approaching apocalypse with all its violence. A legend will be required to defeat this ancient evil. If no one intervenes, the apocalypse is not too far away. A group of young people who are connected with mysterious forces must come together before it is too late and stop the apocalypse that resembles Ragnarok mentioned in Nors mythology.

When Will The 2. Season Be Published?

Ragnarok’s first season was released on Netflix on 31 January 2020.

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As for next season, Although Netflix will make the final decision on the renewal, we think that the new season of approval will be given, especially when considering the investments Netflix has made to expand its series and movie catalog worldwide.

Ragnarok 2, which has not yet been officially explained. We expect to be released in the first months of 2021 if the season is approved.

How do I watch the season 1 ?

Watch Ragnarok’s first six-part season on Netflix, created by Adam Price, the co-writer of Borgen, one of Denmark’s most successful series.

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