Rise of Empires: Ottoman on Netflix Review

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

The long-awaited Netflix-signed Rise of Empires: Ottoman was released. The construction, which focuses on the rise of the Ottoman State and the life of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, will consist of 6 parts. Let’s look at the review of Rise of Empires: Ottoman.

rise of empires: ottoman

Emmy, an award-winning Turkish and producer Emre Sahin, who directed and authored the series, said the main story would be Istanbul’s conquest.

The Staff and Production

Firstly, there were many ideas in the series about who would play Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Since the property will be made of Netflix, a black
Sultan Mehmet has been considered and people has produced many humor about this point on social media platforms. Of course the situation didn’t happen. Cem Yigit Uzumoglu who was very close to the role, took over.

rise of empires: ottoman

We know Cem Yigit Uzumoglu from The protector series, a Netflix production previously. Other leading players are Tuba Buyukustun,
Selim Bayraktar, Birkan Sokullu, Osman Sonant, Tolga Tekin, Ushan Cakir and Damla Sonmez.

Rise Of Empires: Ottoman Review

The first thing we noticed in the mini-documentary is that it was taken in English. The project aims not only for the Turkish market, but for the world market. One of the world’s most important estes is that the documentary will be described in the most common language in the world, which will certainly have a positive impact on the spread and popularity of the series.

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This is the misconception that Turkish series and films make us familiar with Byzantine people who enjoy wine from morning to evening and are stupid, unaware of war. Both sides are very objective.

rise of empires: ottoman

Celal Sengor was the most reactive topic in the mini-documentary. It is no surprise that Istanbul’s massive walls, the structure of the stones used to build these walls, the ground, the destruction of the balls needed to destroy the stones and above all, a person with a reputation for the remarkable part of the world’s history, will be a consultant in such a construction. We don’t participate in unearth criticism.

The importance of Istanbul, like conquest , has been viewed by the characteristics of an incident, and the atmosphere of the period, with a secular eye that is far from the Islamic idea. You will be very pleased watching this point of view.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman Shooting

Enough support was provided on the production side. We can say that the cost of production for Netflix, which we have seen in the past, has increased compared to this structure, not only Turkey, but also because the United States is biased. Carefully crafted to every detail. One of the most important elements in a period of construction, production side, received full marks from us. The sense of belonging to that period is absolutely present. The audience can get caught up in the concept of time and take a sword with the feelings at that moment and be based on the gate of another country. Of course it will end in a reverse clamp situation.

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rise of empires: ottoman

On the acquisition side, we see techniques being displaced from time to time, from time to time in documentary consistency, as they should be. A separate shooting technique was used when talking in a narrative background, and a scene built on dialog used an apnea shooting technique. The harmony between these two techniques has been very well established. It looks like you’re going up the stairs and you’re going to the top of the line step by step. It’s also a place where the movie’s short-cut scenes and the cinematic moments that have been fed will never be the same. The team on the shooting side of director Emre Sahin could be said to have carried out his duties with a honeymoon.

Visual Effect And Battle Scenes

It has been provided the visual effect and the competence of battle scenes. Using a term like the Ottoman Army came with a huge army, it causes your expectation to rise suddenly. It’s important to satisfy your expectation based on how good the visual effect is. After a scene like this, the view we encountered was quite satisfying.

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rise of empires: ottoman

The scenes we call a theater of war are so kind that we can’t see in any Turkish series/film project. The sense of war in this series has been pulled to its highest point, as it will be understood.The battle scene could never be done, and they could have reduced the cost by putting the documentary side at the forefront. But by not cutting down on cost, the half-series that I identified above are matched by the equaniment share of semi-documentary consistency. So it’s not just an informative documentary. And when we look at it as a series, it’s possible to compare the world-wide series of war scenes, such as Vikings and Game of Thrones, to the series that are abundant.

rise of empires: ottoman

The Conclusion

We liked this production, which was created with both Turkish and foreign researchers and historians from an objective point of view, which
was not a secret with acting and directing, and has increased self-care on the production and shooting side. We strongly recommend that you
follow in your permission. Rise of Empires: This was our first look at the Ottoman structure.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman review has done.

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