A True Legend: Spartacus!


Who is that man?

That name is Spartacus. This name will continue to shine as a symbol as the world continues to be unfair and unequalized, and as a single person
struggles to live humanly against it. His name is Spartacus!

This world is full of monsters and wonders. They keep their assets together. Like two sides of money. You can’t get the other
without the other one.


This is not my name! “The Bringer of Rain” was our life with this sentence. We never learned his real name in this 33 episodes, along 3 seasons, just like in history.

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From left to right: Whitfield and McIntire

Andy Whitfield, who brought the Spartacus character to life during the first season of our series, died of health problems. It took a series of breaks due to this sad incident, but it didn’t finish and the series continued with Liam McIntire, at least as good as Andy Whitfield. I think the audiences will always be remember by two Spartacus.

Our series has a very epic, emotionally devastating and excessive effect. Spartacus is more than a fiction. He’s a true hero. A long time ago, he tried to say that it was inequality and he did that as a rebel first slave. A gladiator that changes the date. It’s an idea. The sun state is a dream that He gives away to their children.

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In History

Spartacus, of Thracian origin, his owner sold him to the Gladiator school and he found himself in the arenas as a gladiator. The riot, launched in 73 B.C. to try to break down the inequality, is the leader of the slavery army, whose number is 90. And this rebellion fearing Rome was bloody suppressed in 71 BC.

From the jail of Spartacus to the last rebellious resistance in our series, the time is reflected in the screen in a way that is co-founded with real stories. With memorable lines and brilliant scenes.

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