Taylor Swift Documentary: Miss Americana

Miss Americana

Miss Americana is a documentary-film about Netflix-produced Taylor Swift. It was released on Netflix today. Let’s talk about Taylor Swift Documentary: Miss Americana!

Miss Americana Taylor Swift

The Subject of Miss Americana

We see the documentary Taylor’s career process, not her whole life. She tells us the difficulties that she lived and her wrong belief system. And here we watch Taylor turn from a little girl into a strong woman.

Miss Americana

Taylor Swift Documentary

Firstly, she tells us about her belief system. It based on loving by people. And this really hurts her. After the event she had live with Kanye West, she destroyed this system and she has to rebuilt it again. She rebuilt a new system and in this system happiness doesn’t based on people, it based on herself. In this part, we witness that Taylor grew up.

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She didn’t forgot to draw attention to women’s problems, equality and human rights. For examples, she talks about the challenges experienced by female artists compared to male artists. Then, she also talks about gay marriages and elections. So, this documentary is not only about Taylor’s career, but also about her thoughts.

Miss Americana
Taylor and her boyfriend

For the sake of being a good girl that people will love; we watch it keep quiet, not talking about most subjects. After a while, this annoys Taylor’s life incredibly and his change begins. Taylor is no longer try to be loved person, but to act to defend what she finds right.

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In My Opinion

In this day, my boyfriend called me and said that “Miss Americana has released, watch immediately!”. Actually I love Selena Gomez and Taylor is one of the friends of Selena but I don’t know her very well. I had listened her several times. That’s all. As I started to watching I was thinking “I am sure it’s really boring.” And I just finished it. I regret that I think so.

Miss Americana
Taylor and her cat

First of all I LOVE IT! I knew her with this documentary. I don’t know that Taylor has a really beautiful morality and she is such a hardworking. She inspired to me. She took the numbness I had on me for a few days.
Taylor made me get out of bed and go to the computer to write this review. She reminded me require to fight for women’s rights, human rights and equality. I want to work now and feel more alive. Thank you Taylor. You are really such a good girl!

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