The Long Dark Removed from GeForce Now

Stadia vs Geforce Now

GeForce Now service, which was put into service in the past months, lost another game. The popular survival game The Long Dark has been removed from the system due to permission issues.

The Long Dark, which was produced as an open world survival game in 2014, produced by Hinterland Studio, has also been loved by the players in the past years. The game, which managed to attract the players to another world with its atmosphere, environmental design and musics, could be played for a while through Nvida’s GeForce Now system.

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The Long Dark - Other Games - Panzer Dragoon Legacy

GeForce, who lost Activison games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Bethesda games like DOOM, Fallout 76, Dishonored, lost The Long Dark today. According to Raphael van Lierop, who is in the developer team of The Long Dark, Nvidia has added the game to GeForce Now without the permission of the developers.

Sorry to those who are disappointed you can no longer play #thelongdark on GeForce Now. Nvidia didn’t ask for our permission to put the game on the platform so we asked them to remove it. Please take your complaints to them, not us. Devs should control where their games exist.

They offered us a free graphics card as an apology, so maybe they’ll offer you the same thing.

Commenting on the official Twitter, van Lierop
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Geforce Now vs Stadia

Note that unlike Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now is not a game store, it is a service that allows you to broadcast the games you already own on another computer. After losing games like Diablo 3, The Elder Scrolls Online after the service is in service, when we look at Hinterland Studious’s explanations, we can actually say that the problematic side is Nvidia. Although it does not sell games, it is not a good professional act to put them on the system and advertise without permission.Let’s see if Nvidia will be able to take the official steps and bring back the games that it has removed from her system.

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