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Netflix’s anticipated series The Witcher was released on 20 December 2019. The Witcher is actually a book series, created by  Andrzej Sapkowski. The book series was later developed by CD Projekt RED and published by Atari. Then Netflix filmed it. Then The Witcher was filmed by Netflix. Let’s review The Witcher.

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The Witcher Review: About The Story

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The name of the show comes with the job of Geralt of Rivia. He is a mutant and kills monsters for money. Witchers  whose number is significantly reduced in the world, aren’t born as Witcher. They become a Witcher as a result of the alchemistic activities. It then becomes much faster and stronger than a normal person, and it also has a quick recovery, a sharp sense of sensory stimulation and a longer life.

The Witcher
Geralt of Rivia

The Witcher 1. season 1. in the episode opening sequence, we watch him kill a monster that resembles a giant spider. This scene greets us with impressive music. It’s a success to introduce the series’ dark and fantastic atmosphere for the audience. After this introduction, we find ourselves in a multi-character, multi-event story that goes hand in hand.

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The Witcher Renfri
Renfri and Geralt

The Witcher’s  world is a world with its own rules, races, characters, creatures and beliefs, even if it’s not a big stranger to those familiar with fantastic narratives. The first two chapters in particular present the details of this world to the audience, but they are quite mixed. But as the story goes, the most things fall into place.

The Witcher Elf

There are two more characters in the story, except Geralt. One of them is Ciri, who advised her grandparents to find Geralt, when her family-dominated lands are seized by enemies, the other is Yennefer, who wants to be most powerful magician in the situation that she’s in.

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The Witcher Ciri Yennefer
Yenefer, Geralt and Ciri

The story has literally fallen into place, ending chapter five. With good combat scenes and technical details such as image management and music usage, it’s easy to say that it creates a consistent and dark atmosphere. As the details of the story, which was initially difficult to get into, gradually open, the sense of curiosity about what the next sections are saying is beginning to emerge. Someone claims It’ll take the place of the GOT. Though is too early to give an idea of the Witcher’s overall or place in TV history.

In My Opinion

I have never read books or played games. I don’t remember the date, When I saw the trailer, I said “Mmmh, I think I won’t like this series.” but then I watched it and I love The Witcher. Actually, I can afraid easily, so I hesitated to watch series at first, but I put my gear away and I started. I am glad I did now.

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There are a few ridiculous things in the story, but generally it is good.

Yeah, the series is a little bit complicated. I was hard to understand that happened. The most complex thing in the story was timeline to me. There were 3 timelines; Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri and after Ciri. But the end of the series, I got most things. It’s worth it.

The Witcher Timeline

Some people who generally read books or played games, don’t like casting but I like casting and acting. 

Musics. Ahhhhh, music is my most sensitive point. Musics are hair raising, creepy amazing! It shot me on the first stage. I added this and this.  Enjoy the show and musics.

BTW The Witcher 2. received approval from the season.

The Witcher review has ended.

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