Turn-Based RPG Game Sea of Stars Announced

sea of stars

Sabotage, developer of The Messenger, announced its new game Sea of ​​Stars. Sea of ​​Stars will come as a turn-based RPG that goes before The Messenger.

The Messenger, the platform game released in 2018 with its classic 8-16 bit images, was highly appreciated. The game even received the best-released independent game award at The Game Awards that year. Developer Sabotage announces Sea of ​​Stars, the new turn-based RPG game on events prior to The Messenger.

Sea of ​​Stars runs hundreds of thousands of years before The Messenger. The game features two playable main characters who will fight to defeat Fleshmancer. Turn-based combat offers hits and active defense options reminiscent of mechanics in Super Mario RPG and Mario & Luigi games.

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sea of stars

Sabotage usually makes games with a retro look and modern mechanics. The developer states that he was inspired by the classics in his new game. Sea of ​​Stars has a dynamic lighting system, 2D pixel art and a day and night cycle that creates realistic shadows. Players are also free to explore the environment. Sea of ​​Stars is still under development and is waiting for its supporters as a Kickstarter project. The game will be released in 2022 for PC and next-generation consoles.

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