Twice Upon a Time



Okay. We are here again, with new series. We have a French series, this time: Twice Upon a Time. Does this very interesting series look like Dark?
Is it science-fiction or love story? What the hell is that? Here you are, Twice Upon a Time.

What’s going on?

This series tells a man who has left his girlfriend and has a broken heart. One day, our man takes a delivery. In the basement there are packages and one of them is not him, but he wonder and he opens it. It is a cube, but in fact it is a gate which opening to another time and our man wants to get to use that cube and save his relationship.

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Attention! Spoilers Around!

There are a lot of wonderful scenes in the series. Acting is really successful, places and costumes are also good too. I can’t say that there is a lot of amazing music in series because almost there aren’t music in the series. But I still remember the “tiiime machineeeee“. Sex, nakedness and smoke are also what are there. So far so good, but I was disappointed with the scenery. I didn’t understand what they want to do. I always waited something, but the story went to the other side. It is really interesting.

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Whatever. If you have a free time and want to watch French series, seeing sex and nudity, be confused; you can watch this series one time. Maybe I should watch twice, not one. Who knows?

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