Wild Wild Country – Review

I think Wild Wild Country was the most awesome documentary I have ever seen. Now I know that it sounds like an exaggeration when I say it, but believe me, after watching, you won’t believe what you are watching. Sometimes the facts can be much more striking than fiction, and what happened in a six-part documentary is a great proof of that.

Wild Wild Country describes the life and Rajneesh movement of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who we know as Osho, and we have read his books a lot. Recognized as an Indian spiritual and guru, Osho was a world-renowned man and very powerful as a religious leader. While the books he wrote were selling millions in many different languages, the community he founded in the city of Oregon in America hosted disciples from all over the world. So how did a religious leader who became a favorite of the celebrities become one of the most sought-after people in America?

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I have never studied Osho before; I do not plan to read it after this documentary. If you have read Osho and have a bit of sympathy for this man, you need to watch this documentary. What happened had happened before I was born, it had never been on my radar. I am amazed that such a famous and best-selling religious leader has been able to do such things until this time. Although we have recently become familiar with such cults and cults, this man’s books are still selling, and the fact that the cult is still standing, let me be terrified.

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This six-part documentary (six hours in total) will be a documentary you will want to finish in one sitting. So before you start watching, please take your food, water, and everything you need and make sure to keep your phone on silent. You won’t have to know or research much about Osho because you will learn how much you don’t want during the documentary, and you will be shocked by shock. How to build a cult, how to manage it, what kind of people are in the leading roles, what to do to survive, and what happens in the end? Add all these questions to the first bio-terrorist incident in American history, millions of dollars, homeless people, elections, religious exploitation, sex marketing, secret passages, the creator of Nike, and Hollywood. You will be shocked! Enjoy it and watch it.

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