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We’re going to take a look at Joe Goldberg’s tales of obsessional and hysteric love in You series season 2. The series has been adapted from Carolina Keples’ novel of the same name. After its first season, the hit series, which received You season 2 approval. It has been waiting for a long time. Netflix released You last month. This season, Even Joe Goldberg’s understanding of being in love with someone is really weird for us. But we couldn’t leave him.

you season 2

You 2 Topic

Things get worse with publication of Beck’s book after Beck’s death (Elizabeth Lail). Candace takes her weapons and returns to New York, who read the book and understand that the person described in the book was trying to kill her. Candece faces Joe, who will try to poison Joe’s life and prove to be a killer. Unhappy with this confrontation, Joe leaves the city and settles in Los Angeles, a scene full of faces where everyone can hide. Although there is no long-term plan to stay here. Joe covers his heart with Love, the owner of Anavrin, where he started work. Just like Beck, he fell in love at first sight. But finally, this time the hunted will be him.

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You Series 2. Season Review

Combining the scary and soft love story, the you series has been loved by a great majority, however intimidating. Joe, an incorrigible killer, is a series killer that virtually eliminates anyone who gets in the way of his love. While this is a disturbing topic, the series always kept the series alive with elements that were used to ensure that the audience passed to another section and did not break off. Just like 2.season.

The next part of the post includes spoilers.

you season 2

The second season of the show, was a much more successful season than the first season. Having a superficial understanding of what happened in the first season and achieving success. This time, the series led Joe Goldberg to his childhood, so we can understand why he became such a man. Of course the same in love and Forty Quinn..It was quite enjoyable to see Candace as an intelligent vengeance this season, especially when we thought she was killed by Joe during the first season. The series has been a
very successful season, mainly in both directions.

Another aspect that makes this season a success is the relationship between Joe and Forty, I think. The part they get, in particular, LSD, has not only spoiled our nerves but also had a lot of fun. The most interesting was that Forty, who was constantly abused and acting as a young boy during the early part of this season, turned into a huge man at the end of the season. I
surprised a little at how suddenly someone so pure and annoying assembled all the pieces and suddenly became a man.

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You joe

Also this season, I think Penn Badgley (although he says he doesn’t like Joe) is doing a great job this season. In addition to seeing a fearful Joe for the first time, he used those scary-filled moments so much to his gestures when he didn’t know what to do and when he was desperate, he was very good at getting the emotion into the viewer. Since the first season, his player has been quite advanced. And of course another female mrs mimic, Victoria Pedretti, so don’t miss love. Initially innocent and loveable, we thought at least Joe that the lovely face was lost when a series of killers appeared just like Joe in the final parts of the show. As well as the success of the story, I was impressed with their acting.

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The negatives and the end of the series

Perhaps the only negative part of the show was that Joe had bought the garage and didn’t explain how to bring the so-called glass cage that we saw last season, which was so difficult to find. And after killing the man who was after him, no one came to search for him remained a gap. And it was funny that just like last season Joe thought he was camouflage with a single hat.

You candace

Finally, while waiting for an absolute detention that Joe had been hunted on his way to the hunt, I think it was a bit of a bit of a grudge to see his despair. The little clue about love being a psychopathic killer was the bait and switch if we later discovered the crumbs. It was a series-specific event that the last 3 parts were getting more complex, and I think it was quite successful. In the final chapter, looks like Joe’s daughter and love will be an interesting issue, as well as how to leave them to chase someone else for next season. Let’s wait and see.

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